So, I Ran My First Half Marathon…

Not only was it my first half marathon, it was also my first trail race.  Okay, it was my first race EVER!  I really had no idea what I was in for.  Running trails is probably ten times harder than running on the side of the road.  During my training I thought the only difference would be dirt instead of pavement.  Boy, was I wrong!  There were roots and rocks and sand.  I even had to hurdle over a fallen tree three times!  I must have rolled my ankle at least a half dozen times and came close to face planting twice.  By the time I crossed that finish line I was a sweaty mess, covered in dirt.  But you know what?  I loved every  minute of it!  I even took a wrong turn that took me about a 1/4 mile off the course, but I just turned around until I was back on the trail.  It was this race’s first year and they even admitted that their signage could have been better.  I was still one of the top finishers, coming in 3rd for my my age group.  I will definitely be back next year.  Crossing that finish line was such a great feeling!

Even the medal was rough and rugged.

This was such an amazing experience for me.  I did something that I never thought I could do.  An even though I felt like throwing in the towel halfway through my training, I think I caught the competitive running bug and am now looking for the next race…

6 thoughts on “So, I Ran My First Half Marathon…

  1. Hi Heidi! I\’m just now getting caught up on some blog reading and got your combined blog now added to my reader!

    Major congrats on completing your half marathon! WAY TO GO!! And 3rd in your age group – you rock, sister!

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