Spring is in the Air!

While spring may not be in the air here in Michigan where I live, it is certainly in the air in my studio where I have started working on some new designs for spring.  My spring jewelry line will feature some earthy metals such as bronze and copper, along with a little sterling.  Complimenting these metals will be some earthy and natural metal tone seed beads.  Some will be made with wire wrapping techniques like the ones here:

Others will feature bead weaving techniques such as brick stitch, right angle weave, and peyote.  I’ve been learning these techniques over the winter and ready to implement them into my jewelry making.  My goal to have a fun line of affordable, well made jewelry that is new to me, yet will still stay true to my earthy look with the colors and metals I have chosen.

I have also just finished a new wire jewelry tutorial.  It’s for these Tree of Life earrings:

This tutorial can be found here and is $8.50.  I also am working on a free tutorial as well for these earrings:

It’s a twist on a herringbone weave and can be used with a variety of beads.  You could could also use this technique to make a pendant.  That will be up in a week or so.

I’m so excited to have my muse back and to be feeling creative and productive once again!

Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air!

    1. I had some work to catch up on, so the tutorial had to be put on the back burner. It will be up soon though! Just needs some finishing touches : )

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